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Audience Reviews

Here are a selection of audience comments we gathered during our tour across the UK and Ireland in 2023.

"I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is awesome that you are performing music that explicitly promotes Peace.... and which involves multiple nationalities. I hope you do many more such events. It is such a vital initiative."  

"It was an extremly beautiful experience to me! Especially this melodious Mantras and the prayerful song concerning Mother Earth transported me into higher spiritual realms where only light and love reside. I feel very grateful! And also hopeful!!!"

"It was an amazing and moving experience, the music and the singing touched our soul, mind and body. Holy Trinity Church was the perfect space for the event and the energy was palpable and life changing. 

Peace is everyone of us, thank you for your incredible generosity."

"What a performance!!! Beautiful event in all aspects!!! Congratulations."

"A great concert of beautiful singing! All the performers had so much oneness and power together.

The song for peace was so beautiful and the film of Sri Chinmoy really brought the hall to complete stillness."

"I’m grateful and thankful!! To be in the presence of A New World of Peace. It was magical experience and I thank you."

"The whole experience was mesmerising! You have elevated Sri Chinmoy's simple poetry and transformed it into pure magic. The harmonies, the music, the unexpected beats, various instruments, even the lights, everything came together so beautifully - total bliss.  Your music embodied the peace and joy that you transmit through your meditations. Sri Chinmoy's legacy lives on through this music and transmission of peace. Thank you for an unforgettable experience."

"I loved -Your New World for Peace concert.  It was exquisitely beautiful, and inspiringly elevating…It was presented and performed with professional excellence.  A great privilege to be a guest, and a pure nourishment for mind and soul. Every strength and blessing to your team.      With warmest appreciation and special ‘thank you."

"The music was serene and beautiful, the voices were angelic, the arrangements, and the sheer technical ability of all the instrumentalists. The visuals we were presented with on the screen added another dimension to the overall experience in that there were times when I felt as if I was slowly travelling through those snow covered pine trees. How on earth is a community able to place such beauty before the public without charging a single penny is quite extraordinary. Truly an act of giving. Thank you."

"What a beautiful, uplifting, powerful and thought provoking evening. The presentation was superb. A very big thank you and huge appreciation to everyone who gave their time. It was truly JOYOUS!"

"A beautiful meditative experience, lovingly and respectfully taking us all though a journey of love and peace. Merging beautifully with images of Mother Earth, the music and singing blended perfectly together, making it a truly spiritual experience for all present."

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